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Selfpub 6th year

Author Request:

Please tint hair to match the hair of the woman or guy on two other covers that I purchased for my series.


Q. I'm pretty good with Photoshop—can I personally change the art on the cover that I buy?

A. No. No. No. The cover is yours and you can to do what you want with it, for example you can put it on bookmarks, in ads, make a trade booth, giant posters, post cards, put it on business cards- you name it. The cover is yours. However, the individual images that were used to create your cover are copyrighted by the photographers from the stock houses and they have strict rules about the use of their images and who uses the images. The Artist that created your cover bought the rights from the stock houses to use and manipulate those images. Those rights are non transferable. Bottom line, the Artist has the right (through the licensing agreement when the photos were purchased to design your cover) to use/manipulate the images for your cover. Not you, or a third party. If you want a modification made, please let us know what you would like done and we will confirm with the artist that designed your cover what the fee would be. Usually modifications can be handled for our minimum fee of $50. If you want a modification made, please do not buy the cover until we confirm with you that what you requested can be done and what the fee would be.

Did you find a book cover that is ALMOST perfect?
We might be able to help you with a Modified Cover.

This is the way we do modification requests:

1. Please send us the file name of the cover you are interested in, along with a sentence explaining the modification you are looking for. 

2. We will contact the artist to see if it can be done for our minimum fee of $50 (which is in addition to the cover purchase price). 

3. We will get back to you with a confirmation. At that time we will ask you to purchase the cover and for you to take care of the modification fee. 

4. You will see the modification, and will have 2 rounds of comments/adjustments. If additional changes (more than 2) are requested, there is a $25 per round fee.

If this is acceptable, please send us the book cover file name and how you would like it modified.

To Proceed:
Click the button below to send us your modification request. Please include any files you feel would be helpful. 

NOTE: Please DO NOT buy the cover you are interested in having modified until we confirm that the modification can be made. 
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