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Thank you to the many authors who have bought covers from our artists at SelfPubBookCovers.com!

We've been hearing from many authors that they have been buying covers for books in development.

Some have purchased covers that have stimulated ideas for future stories.

We heard from a few authors who have bought covers for their trilogies.

We've been hearing how authors love how easy it is to get a one-of-a-kind cover.

Thanks again to all our talented artists

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Here are some of our Published Covers/Testimonials

I have now purchased two covers from SelfPubBookCovers- the first of them has been out nearly two months now. It quickly went to #1 in genre/category and has stayed in the top three since then. It's paperback version is far outselling any of my other books. Covers matter! I'm now convinced. I have paid three to four hundred dollars for covers in the past, but have found making my own with your help so reasonable and easy to do its a no-brainer. The second cover (recently purchased) is for a work in progress and seventh book in the Navajo Nation Mystery Series. I intend to replace all my covers eventually and already have several more of your covers on my favorite list. I bought well in advance this time due to losing out on several I really liked due to being sold before I got around to them (that won't happen again). Thanks! R. Allen Chappell
I have used SelfPubBookCovers several times over now, and will continue to do so. The wide range of covers available together with the reasonable prices and easy to use system means they are my first stop when looking for ready made book covers for my work. I am also impressed with their support and communications. -Sue Oldham.
This is my second book. The first book is published and I used SelfPubBookCovers too. My editor in LA told me this was the go-to place. I had access to literally hundreds of custom one-of-a-kind covers by some of the best artists in the business. The website is very specific. When you find something you like, save it to your favorites on your Dashboard so you can find it again. I customized my second book cover on a Sunday and called customer support on Sunday and they answered the phone. On a Sunday! It was the owner. How's that for service. -Michael Stone
I love SelfPubBookCovers: a HUGE collection of professional covers to choose from with very talented artists, and a very easy format to modify the look of the cover. I'm a loyal fan. I have one published book and three coming up that have your covers. Much Love, Phoenix
I'd heard horror stories about self-publishing authors trying to find good cover art. A lot of other sites charge way more than I can afford as a new writer. There were many covers to choose from; I never suffered from a want of options. Not only was selection amazing and very professional, but the prices are affordable on a self-publishing budget. I plan to use this site for all my self-publishing needs! Try it out, you're sure to love the experience and be proud of your final product! Thanks so much, SelfPubBookCovers! - Leigh Holland
The user-friendly search option and amazing selection of covers at SelfPubBookCovers made designing my book's cover one of the most enjoyable parts of my whole publishing process! The customer service has been incredible and I'll definitely use the service again. - Lucy O'Dell.
The professionally designed layouts make choosing and formatting a cover with my title and author name EASY instead of frustrating. Happy to have found another perfect cover image! - Lucy O'Dell
Thank you so much, SelfPubBookCovers.com team. I was amazed at how quickly I found just the right cover for my book. And thank you for making it so much fun and easy to customize my cover and to buy and download so easy and fast.-J.A. Nelson
This is my third cover from SelfPubBookCovers.com and once again, I found exactly what I was looking for. The selection is amazing and I love that you're always adding new designs. The hardest part about creating a cover here is choosing between the great images! -Lucy O'Dell
I searched a number of sites before choosing SelfPubBookCovers.com to do my first cover design. The reason was simple. Because nowhere can you go to get such professional work at this price! I love being able to choose any design, then customize the lettering. I've had so many compliments, including the post man who froze as he was about to ship one . . . "This is self-published?" he asked, amazed. It's definitely a book to be proud of. I've already bought the design for my next book. I just wouldn't consider going anywhere else. -Leila McGrath
I researched many book cover sites and could not be happier that I went with SelfPubBookCovers.com. The choices are endless no matter the subject matter or genre of your story, the quality is excellent, the prices are very reasonable, and the artist will work with you to make sure your cover is picture perfect. I made a few mistakes with my first cover in providing the proper files, and the technical help I received could not have been easier and was met with patience and kindness. I have several more projects in the works and will definitely be going back to this site for future covers. If I could give them more than 5 stars, I would! - Patty Seitz
When I first started looking for a cover for my book, I had no idea what I wanted. I decided to look, and when I'd find the one that was meant for my book, it would speak to me. I came upon SelfPubBookCovers.com pretty early in my search. (thank you Google!) And a few minutes later... BAM! It was instant. The cover by BeeJavier spoke directly to my book's heart. I tried denying it. I looked for other covers, in this site and others. But I'm a writer of romance books, and I can't deny instalove when I see it! The cover is perfect, professionally made and at the perfect price. I so wish people will judge my book by its cover!!! -V. B. Andrian
I discovered selfpubbookcovers.com a few weeks ago and I absolutely love this site. I have purchased several covers from them recently. I like the fact that you can purchase a cover and then design it however you like. You choose your own colors, fonts, glow, shadow, and layout for the cover. They also have excellent customer service. I rarely have an issue, but if I do I send an email and get a very quick response. I wish more companies were as dedicated to their customers and as quick to correct any issue as this company is. - Kitty Margo #1 Amazon Bestselling Author of Historical Romance.
Thanks for SelfPubBookCovers for a stunning artwork giving a face to my story. The artwork brought the characters to life. I am mighty impress with the excellent customer service received (thanks Rob!) for the quick turnarounds and ease of communication. SelfPubBookCovers is a world of magic and I feel like a kid in candy shop once I start browsing. Kind regards, WANel
I am writing to let other authors know that purchasing a cover from SelfPubBookCovers.com was an amazing experience for me. I had been hesitant to work with pre-made art, but the variety of options and the quality of the work convinced me to give it a try. And then it was so easy to customize the covers, with title graphic fonts and placement, that I had both covers done in less than an hour, far less time than it would have taken me to built a cover from scratch by myself. Both my covers ended up being by Daniela, (SelfPubBookCovers.com/Daniela) whose style fit the feel of my books very well. I would definitely use SelfPubBookCovers again, and recommend them to anyone. Regards, JG Faherty Finalist, Bram Stoker Award and ITW Thriller Award.
Thank you SelfPubBookCovers! You guys are the best site for indie authors! Thanks! Michael Dirubio
I have used SelfPubBookCovers twice now and I have no doubt I will continue to use their services because of the wide choice of covers, a product which is superbly produced, the competitive pricing and the ease of use. -Andrew R. Williams
I bought my first cover several months ago before I was finished with my book, because the cover image was so perfect I didn't want to risk losing it. The artist was SelfPubBookCovers.com/thrillerauthor. I admit to being a little skeptical, but after trying a practice run with the design, it seemed quite simple. Once I was sure of the design, I purchased it and saved it for the big day when I would submit the book to Amazon. The cover was accepted on the first try and was the easiest part of submitting my book. This was my seventh book and I can honestly say this is my favorite cover. Since this is a three part story, I decided to go back to SelfPubBookCovers and purchase two more covers that will fit the next two books so my series will look uniform. Thank you for the least stressful part of publishing. -Jane O'Brien
Just released a new science fiction book, using one of the covers I purchased from you for the first time! You guys ROCK! Your art is fantastic...and I will be coming back for more. All my best! Donald Allen Kirch
Your website made it so easy to find a cover that was perfect for my novel while being a reasonable price. The perfect place for a self-published author to find just what they are looking for! Thanks for the great cover! -Alice Redd

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