Selfpub 6th year

The artist who created your cover will create a custom back cover/spine that extends the book cover through the spine onto the back cover for a truly professional design like you would see if one of the Big 5 publishing houses published it for you.

You already have your front cover. To create a paperback book, you’ll require a back cover and spine. To get your back cover/spine, you have two options: free or custom:

1. FREE:

You can personally create your own GENERIC back cover/spine for free with KDP using your high res 300 dpi cover file.
If you want us to create a custom back cover/spine to go with your front cover, please go back to your Dashboard and under your cover is a link to get a back cover/spine.

KDP Soft cover/back cover/spine, Draft2Digital Soft cover/back cover/spine OR Ingram Spark Hard cover/back cover/spine:
          $149 for either file. Ingram Spark files with flaps is an additional $50.

• KDP Soft cover/back cover/spine, Draft2Digital Soft cover/back cover/spine AND Ingram Spark Hard cover/back cover/spine:
          $50 fee for second file when the manuscript specifications are the same. A KDP file and Draft2Digital soft cover file are the same.
          Waive the Ingram Spark set up fee and save $49 when you use the discount code received with your SPBC book cover receipt. The discount code is good for 5 books.

• KDP Hard cover/back cover/spine design or Draft2Digital.
          If we created the soft cover version for $149, there would be a $75 fee to convert the soft cover version to a KDP or Draft2Digital hard cover version.
          If a soft cover version was not done, the fee would be $225.

In all cases, we do all the work for you and all you will need to do is upload the professionally designed file!

To order a back cover spine, please go to your Dashboard and click on the link under your purchased cover.

If you have any questions, click on the link below to send us an email. Thanks!
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