Selfpub 6th year

Author’s Creative Brief:

"I would like to request a book cover. The cover I desire needs to be a sword with the blade wreathed in black flame. The background should be a setting sun in a red hue. I have included a picture of the sword style I prefer and request that the sword be vertical. If there is any other information required, please let me know. thank you for your time."

Couldn’t find a perfect pre-made book cover?
We might be able to help you with a Custom Cover.

This is the way we do CUSTOM COVER requests:

Please send us a simple creative brief of what you would like to see on your cover. If you get into too many specific details, it will make it less likely that the artist would accept the project.

The artist would do one design based on your creative brief and then you would have 2 chances to make modifications at no charge. These rounds of "tweaking" are based on your creative brief. You are not obligated to buy the cover at that time. 

If you request additional changes, they would be billed at $25 per round, and at that time you would be obligated to buy the cover.  

If you decide not to buy the cover after 2 free changes were made and you decide not to do other changes, then the artist would post the cover to our site, making it available to other authors.

Sometimes our artists do a design and an author might say "Thanks—that's exactly what I was looking for, but now that I see it, I've changed my mind. I would now like to see...." If you change your creative brief, it's only fair that the artist be compensated for designing a completely different cover, so there would be a $50 fee if you would like to continue with a different cover design. 

If this works for you, please email us your simple creative brief with any files you think would be helpful and we will send it out to the artist of your choice (or to the artist that we feel would be the best fit for your cover) for a quote. Many times the artist will be buying stock images on your behalf, so if you accept the quote there will be a non-refundable $50 fee before the artist begins.

Please do NOT buy any images to send to us—due to stock house licensing rules, the artist will need to make the purchase.

To Proceed:
Click on the button below to send us an email with your creative brief, and please include any files you feel would be helpful. If you would like a quote from a specific artist, let us know. 

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