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Publishing on Amazon Kindle

Publishing a Paperback with Amazon Createspace (for trade paperback POD/Print On Demand)

You’ll need a full paperback cover that includes the front cover + spine + back cover (on our site, we usually shorten this to say “Back-cover/spine”).
You have two options to do this:

1- Use the hi-res 300dpi cover image from SPBC and upload it to Createspace to make a GENERIC back-cover/spine yourself using CoverCreator, for free.

2- Have your SelfPubBookCovers’ artist do a customized back-cover/spine for you that merges your cover through the spine onto your back cover for a professional looking design, for $149 (keep reading for step-by-step guide).


Either way, you need to format your manuscript for print!

A print cover uses the hi-res 300dpi cover image that you purchased on our site, plus a spine and a back cover. This is important to any cover designer, because the trim-size of the book you choose and the amount of total formatted pages you have -- even the color of paper you choose (cream or white) will affect how thick the spine of your book is. This information determines the dimensions of the spine and gives us the full dimensions of your book. No cover-designer can make you a paperback cover without knowing these dimensions.

Here's how to format your book for print:


More help:

After your interior book is formatted, get the Cover Template on Createspace (it’s easy!).

Just enter 4 pieces of information to this calculator.

1- The trim-size of your book (standard Trade Paperback is 6”X9”),

2- Number of formatted pages

3- Matte or Glossy cover (SPBC co-founder Shoshanna (Evers) Gabriel prefers matte, but some prefer the way colors come out with glossy)

4- White or Cream paper (standard is cream)

After you have your paperback cover template created (see above):
1. Go to your Dashboard

2. Under your cover, click on "Request a Back Cover and Spine".

3. Fill out the form with:

- The text you want on the back cover,

- Your front cover art (hi-res 300dpi),

- Your Author photo (optional)

- Your Book Cover Template PDF (from the KDP calculator).

DIY Paperback cover


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