Selfpub 6th year

About Us

SelfPubBookCovers was founded in 2012 in New York, and launched online in February 2013.

Since then, this instant premade bookcover site has become the go-to destination for indie authors to easily find original, high quality pre-made book covers. Every day new covers are added by top artists from around the world, who post their professionally designed covers in a wide range of graphic design styles and genres.

Authors can see exactly what their covers look like and customize them with their names and titles on our site *before* purchasing, so there are no surprises and they get exactly what they want.  They can download their covers and instantly use them. Once a cover is sold, it is never sold again (software automatically removes sold covers from sale immediately); and all covers feature free, unlimited, typographical changes.

In addition to having the largest selection of premade, quality-vetted bookcovers in the world (tens of thousands, searchable by genre, artist, and keywords), SelfPubBookCovers is the only professional premade book cover design website available where authors can add their own title and cover text onsite. The text customization feature is similar to what VistaPrint or OvernightPrints offers, except the text goes over original art instead of templates. This has never been done before.

In addition to being a great resource for writers, indie artists have found a new income stream by selling their covers via SelfPubBookCovers. Some of our top artists make their full-time living selling their art with us, including a woman who had previously been struggling to make a living selling covers on her own. She was able to get off of welfare by continually selling covers that authors love through SelfPubBookCovers! Hundreds of artists from around the world and USA are featured on the site, so authors are always able to find exactly the style they want, from original photography, stock photo compilations, to original illustrations that are sold once and never again.

A free ebook download is available to writers who visits our homepage: "Successful Self-Publishing: How We Do It (And How You Can Too)", edited by NYT & USAT Bestseller Shoshanna Evers.


Shoshanna Evers 1980-2021

Shoshanna was a New York Times and USA Today bestselling hybrid author with twenty-plus romance novels and novellas published, including The Tycoon's Convenient Bride...and Baby, I Am Not Your Melody, The Enslaved Trilogy from Simon & Schuster/Pocket Star, and How to Write Hot Sex. Evers is a former erotic novelist turned Christian romance author, writing her inspirational romance novels as Shoshanna Gabriel.

In the past she was a syndicated advice columnist in New York and a registered nurse. She’s was a full-time author and a home-schooling mom in the mountains of northern Idaho. Shoshanna was proud to be the co-founder of

***Shoshanna changed genres from secular romance to Christian inspirational romance, and published several inspy novels and short stories working under the name Shoshanna Gabriel. Visit for more info! Faithfully Ever Afters....

"I co-founded because as an author, when I choose to self-publish I know my little indie book is going to be on the same virtual shelf as traditionally published books, and it needs to look just as professional.

You may have written a potential bestseller, but no one will know if they don't click on your cover to get to your book product page. From the product page, they'll read your book description and if they like what they see, they'll sample the book... and then buy it.

But the first step is the one most self-pub authors miss out on - a professional cover that competes with traditional publishers. You can't put something out there wondering if readers can tell you made it yourself in Paint. (Hint: they can) If readers feel your cover is of substandard quality, they may incorrectly assume the same goes for the actual book!

That's where we come in. We know you're on a budget because you're publishing the book yourself, and you need to keep costs at a minimum so you can break even quickly, and then start to make some actual money :)

So was created to fill the need of writers who need a professionally designed book cover - fast and cheap even though it looks amazing and expensive.

Once you purchase a cover, it is removed from our site and is never available ever again. Our designers sign an agreement with us that assures you that the covers they post to our site are 100% original and are not available to anyone else."

For more information about Shoshanna/Shana please visit the GoFundMe page we set up to help her husband and 3 children.


Rob Sturtz is a top professional graphic designer who has worked for many Fortune 500 companies doing web, print and logos for the past 35 years.

"When Shoshanna Evers told me about her idea for a web site that would connect self publishing Authors with top book cover Artists, I was excited by her concept of allowing Authors to finish their covers with the book title and their name, then immediately download a one of kind, high quality book cover that will never be sold again. I'm excited to be helping Shoshanna develop this site for Authors like herself and artists like me.

"I am very proud to say that we were able to open up a new revenue stream for artists- they post a cover and name their price. Authors get a professionally designed cover and Artists have another way to earn money doing what they love to do... design awesome book covers that authors can download immediately. WIN! WIN! for everyone!"