Selfpub 6th year

Tips & Tricks for Authors

Here are some suggested tips and tricks to get the most impact out of your book cover!

This is the original cover as suggested
by the artist Aaron Lee.

Note how the text pops off the cover
and the author's name is large.

In this cover, the Author Name
is too small. Your name is your
"brand" so don't make it tiny.

In some instances your cover
will be shown in B&W. Red will
translate as a grey. Keep that in
mind if you use a dropshadow.

This is what your book would
look like if you used red type.

This is what your book would
look like if you used a lighter
color for your text.

You don't have to follow
everything the artist suggests.
Here we have all the text flush
left. Experiment with your text
flush right, flush right or centered.

You can stagger your title by
indicating flush left and add
spaces after every line.

This book title is getting lost.
To pop your book title, add some
contrast between the text color
and the background.

Try a darker color with a glow or a
drop shadow with light colors.

Light color text doesn't
work with glows.

Put your name at the top!

Change the mood with
different fonts or color.

You can mix fonts.

A simple headline is hard to beat
for readability and impact.

Other tips:

Don't use the word "by" in front of your name.

When you type in your book title, DO NOT put in a space
after a word and then hit the return key. If you do this, it
will throw your centered text out of alignment.

What you should do, when you break a line, is to put a
return at the end of the word.