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About me!

Thank you for taking the time to look at my book covers. I appreciate it. 

I have been a professional graphic designer for over 22 years,  working for clients from all around the world. I love creating book covers! I really enjoy seeing the work come alive and surpassing what a client expected.  I have worked with literally hundreds of authors and my covers are on over 500 books on Amazon. 

It takes time and effort to write your book, and I think you deserve an awesome cover to help showcase and present your book to the public. 

Creating these pre-made book covers lets me help authors who are looking for an affordable cover with the ability to add their own text.
I put a lot of thought and effort into each pre-made cover to make sure that the cover has "it" when it will be used for your book or publication. For these covers I use a combination of quality stock photos and/or my own original artwork. I work with the colors and composition to give these covers that professional look that will stand out from the crowd in a very crowded book marketplace. 

If you need a custom cover, or a full cover for print, please contact Rob, the Creative Director at SelfPubBookCovers, and let them know you would love for me to do the work. I have extensive experience creating full covers for KDP, Ingramspark and all major self publishing websites. 

I hope you find the cover you are looking for and I wish you all the best with your book!