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Selfpub 6th year

brings the Authors to YOU
so you can MAKE MORE MONEY in less time.

We want you to make more money
and here's how we can help you:

1- We have a strong Twitter and Facebook following of indie authors looking for professional covers.

2- You get to choose how much you want your covers to sell for.

3- When your cover is sold, if the Author wants a back cover and spine created, you could do that assignment too if you can create it in either Adobe Illustrator or InDesign within 48 hours of accepting the assignment.

4 - An Author can buy several of your covers at once if they are planning a trilogy.

5- If you come up with an intriguing cover, an Author might buy it before they even write their book because your cover inspired them. That's another sale!

6- We post on Facebook what kind of covers our Authors are looking for so you have an opportunity to design more covers that are in demand.

7- We handle communicating with the author so you are free to focus on your art. Font sizes, font colors, placement of type and author alterations that can be time consuming are no longer your responsibility. You just post your cover and the Authors finish the covers themselves. You get an email when your cover has been sold and you are paid automatically in 48 hours!


SelfPubBookCovers.com pays!
Let's face it, if you are designing a "generic" cover that is not specific to an author's creative request, you can design a great cover in no time at all between assignments.

When you sign up (no fees at all) you can read the "fine print" that our lawyer had us throw in that spells out all the details.

But the bottom line is this:
When you post a cover on SelfPubBookCovers.com it can NOT be posted anywhere else.
It belongs to you until the time that it is sold. After it is sold, it will not be sold ever again. Never ever, ever again.
Your cover has to be made from at least 2 different images so that it is an original piece of art.
If you want to end your association with us, we can remove your remaining covers from our site and you have the right to sell them yourself.

So sign up now and start selling your book covers the easy way on SelfPubBookCovers.com where the Author finishes your cover themselves and you get paid automatically!

Here's the process:

You Sign In and post 2 images of your original book cover.

The first image is low resolution (72 dpi). It shows the Author where you recommend the text should be placed on your cover.
The second image is your jpg high resolution (300dpi) cover with no text.

Before you post a cover, you will need to confirm that:

Your cover is original and is not available and will not be available, for sale anywhere else. (You can pull your covers anytime, we will need 30 days notice)

Covers using Stock Photography, must be created using at least 2 images. That way your cover will be original and will not be duplicated.

Download the Instruction Guide to learn more about how to create covers for SelfPubBookCovers.com!

Learn which fonts and colors you can use, how to save and post your covers and some other handy tips!

 Get started now, sign up and start connecting with more authors for your covers!

Here's what you can earn:

You determine how much you want to charge and automatically get paid 48 hours after your cover is sold. 

Artist Compensation for Covers Sold: Standard Commission. Name your price, the minimum is $69.  The Standard Commission paid to the Artist is $50 on a $69 cover sold, or 70% on covers priced above $69. A $1 fee will be collected on every cover SOLD to cover storage space for all the artist's work on our servers. There is no fee to post covers.

Affiliate Partner Program Artist Compensation: When a book cover is sold to a NEW author who signed up through an Affiliate Partner Program link, the artist will receive a $45 commission on a $69 cover. If a cover sells for more than $69 via an Affiliate link, artist will receive a 65% commission within 30 days. The Standard Commission of $50 on a $69 cover sold, or 70% on covers priced above $69, DOES NOT CHANGE for covers sold that don't come from Affiliate links. This is ONLY ON NEW SALES from authors who sign up via an Affiliate link.

There are no limits on how many book covers you can submit... your earning potential is unlimited!