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Selfpub 6th year

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I create beautiful book covers to save authors time and frustration so they can get back to what they love to do... writing!

Hello. My name is Fred Tyre. As a self-published author, I made my first book cover in 2014. I have learned many things since then, both in photo editing, digital painting, and in terms of what readers are looking for in book covers. Some answers to frequently asked questions...

  •    Once you purchase it, the cover becomes yours, and no one else can buy it.
  •    Purchased image consists of a much higher quality and will have your title, your author name, and your tag line.
  •    To see what your title, author name, etc. looks like, please click on the "Customize me Now!" button to enter your details.
  •    Pre-made covers save you time so you can get back to writing.
  •    If the font isn't exactly what you want, you can customize it at any time. You have unlimited, free typographical changes on your Customize Me Now page.
  •    Switch your mind to that of the buyer (reader) more easily when deciding on a cover.
Thanks for stopping by and best wishes on your new book!