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Welcome to Must Luv Books. And I do love books. Yet my passions lie in photography and Photoshop. Which is why I'm on this website, to feed my muse and fill my insatiable love of design. For a number of years I have been studying and spending countless hours perfecting my craft. Perhaps, you too have put in many hours perfecting your craft of writing. But there comes a time when what we do must be made available for others to see. So, my friend, our paths now meet and together we can create something truly rewarding. Not just for ourselves but for all those who come upon our creation. There is a lot of talent on SelfPubBookCovers.com and it is my hope that my designs can match your expectations.

Words I try to live by:  Inspire others to live a fulfilled life. To help others follow their dreams and passions and to be open to the endless opportunities life offers.