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Hello, I am Pam Cresswell, an artist/photographer, and total book nerd. I dabble in writing, nothing good really, but I did complete a really bad novel in NaNoWriMo a couple of years ago! What a rush! That was before I fell back in love with my camera! I grew up in the South, and have a big ole southern accent (especially if I have been on the phone with another southerner). I live in the American Midwest currently, with my husband and son, a dog, several cats, a turtle, a bunch of fish, and two snakes.  Life is good. All of which leads me to make book covers. Most of my covers have my own photography. I do add some stock images, but they are married with my own photos or art, so there is never a cookie cutter cover!
Once a cover is sold, that is it, it will never be sold again.

If you are interested in having a back cover/spine done for your book, please go back to your Dashboard. Under the thumbnail of your book will be a link to order a professional design back cover/spine designed by me.
I am available to create covers in a series or to do modifications. Send your request to Rob (sales@SelfPubBookCovers.com) and mention my name!