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Selfpub 6th year

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About me!

Hi! And thanks for coming to find out about me!

I am a photographer and digital artist living in Italy, and I enjoy a wide range of artistic styles. I am always on the lookout for new ideas and original images - "Eclectic" could be my middle name!

Drawn to the unusual, I do tend to keep returning to the abstract. Though models do feature in my work, authors are most likely to find digital or fractal creations, or unexpected compositions of objects, lighting and textures. I also go through regular phases of still life and macro or closeup photography which are inevitably represented here!

When not creating art, I also teach English and enjoy taking my dog, Stella, and my camera for long country walks. You never know when something might appear calling for a photograph, but also something simple can sometimes trigger a new idea for a cover.

I do hope you enjoy looking through my miscellany of covers - I will be posting more very soon! Once again, thank you for calling by!

Have a good day! Or should I just say - "ciao, ciao"?