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About me!

Welcome to my Gallery of Art on SPBC!

"Graphicdesk" is my commercial brand to offer premade Book Cover  Designs.

What am I offering..?

* Premade book covers for a varied range of genres such as fantasy, science fiction, dystopia, horror, thriller, and related sub-genres.* From this year on, I will gradually expand the topics in my gallery by posting more book cover arts from varied genres such as romance, erotic, LGBT, western, historical fiction, etc!

* All my covers are available for sale exclusively on selfpubbookcovers.com/graphicdesk

* This year 2021 the covers in my gallery will be on sale from $69 to $99.

* Some covers are priced higher when including more elaborate designs, high-quality licensed stock photographs, or graphics assets already paid to commercial online platforms or private providers such as photographers, studios, or agencies.

Why you should buy your cover on SelfPubBookCovers.com/graphicdesk... ?

* In a market saturated with expensive and low quality covers, you've in here a "virtual oasis" of great cover arts at really fair and affordable prices for any writer who needs an artistic solution in a fast and easily customizable way. In SPBC you have a value relationship of price and artistic quality well above what you commonly find on other websites.

* My gallery shows a curated selection of premade covers that you can customize with your own texts (author name, title, subtitle, etc) by using the unique "easy-to-use" text creator tool.

* There is a set of varied and versatile fonts to choose from according to your novel genre, typed sample texts can be modified online so your custom-made cover will be ready to download in no time.

* All my covers are fully guaranteed, once sold it won't be sold never again and deleted from the site forever- only available to you. 

* In fact, this is the only website of its kind offering exclusive and beautiful cover arts with the option of personalizing texts by yourself, at really affordable and not at all expensive cost. Bestseller authors and prestigious publishing houses trust the quality and huge range of genres and artistic styles offered here. Books are judged by their covers, so give a try buying my covers and you will be one of our smart and successful satisfied customers.

* There is also a custom cover designing service (book cover, back cover, spine, typography) if you need a different cover art concept, you will get a top-level design for your project. Please drop a line at Sales@SelfPubBookCovers.com, send a simple creative brief with my name: Graphicdesk and Rob, the Creative Director, will get back to you with my quote.

Don't miss any of my new book covers posted frequently!
I really appreciate your preference!

All the best! Buy your cover now!