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The artist who created your cover will create a custom back cover/spine that extends the book cover through the spine onto the back cover for a truly professional design like you would see if one of the Big 5 publishing houses published it for you.

You already have your front cover. To create a paperback book, you’ll require a back cover and spine. To get your back cover/spine, you have two options: free or custom:

1. FREE: Create a GENERIC back cover/spine for free with Createspace or KDP using your high res 300 dpi cover file.
2. CUSTOM: If you want us to create a custom back cover/spine to go with your front cover, just go back to your Dashboard and under your cover is a link to get a back cover/spine. The fee is $149. We do all the work for you.

To order a back cover spine, please go to your Dashboard and click on the link under your purchased cover. 
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