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I am Artist/Photographer Chuck Arlund from a suburb of Nashville TN. 

Wether creating real life documentary images or wildly abstract images I am always searching for new ways to make photographs.  I love to observe. 

I graduated with a Masters of Fine Art from Belmont University in 2020 with my focus being Christian themed work dealing with human ego, shame and humility. 

I am also an adjunct professor of photography at Middle Tennessee State University where I have been teaching since 2013. 

My professional work consists of photographing musicians primarily for media and album cover art. 

My wife is also an artist (painting) and my three kids under the age of 16 are still figuring it out. 

I have been told many of my images would make interesting book covers and my mother-in-law who works at Ingram/Lightning Source made me aware of this site. I hope that you as a writer, will find my images compelling and obviously not the typical stock image.  I am very open to customer creations and will tailor images to character profiles you have thought out. Age, hair color, race, etc. Please send your Custom Cover creative brief to the SPBC Creative Director Rob, (, with your creative brief and mention my name: carlund.  All of my work that involves people comes with model release. 

I hope you will enjoy my work.