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With you, we do what used to be impossible
  • By : Shoshanna Gabriel

There’s a saying, “Speed, quality, and low price — pick any two because you can’t get all three.” We like to think SPBC is an exception to that rule.

When we launched SPBC 6 years ago we decided to invite artists from around the world to submit covers. But we immediately recognized that some of our artists would not be native English speakers and would be in different time zones. In a pinch, that could slow down how fast you could get your final book cover. We wanted to streamline the process to help you avoid the time consuming back and forth of working out the typography on your cover with our artists.

That’s when we came up with a solution that has never been done in our industry before: You, the author, can do your own typography directly on our site to see exactly what your book cover will look like and you can then immediately download your cover.

This feature allows you to change the fonts, color, size, position of your book cover text, add special effects and download your cover as often as you like — for FREE. Now that is speed!

Our vetting team goes through a 21 point check list to make sure that your cover is perfect. We check to see if the image will print properly, that if stock images are used, that the artist used at least 2 images to make a one-of-a-kind book cover. We check to see if the images used are legitimate- that there are model releases for covers that show people. Our standards are more stringent that what is allowed legally. For example we will not accept any covers from public domain that show people — recognizable or not. We confirm that editorial images are not used (a big no-no!) And that is just the start! We stand behind our covers 100%.

Most of our covers are $69 and that is a great deal when compared to the cost of a custom cover which can run a lot higher. With over 40,000 unique covers, you have a good chance of finding the perfect cover on our site — and once you buy it, it is removed from our site, never to be sold again. Your cover stays on your Dashboard where you have unlimited free text changes — more savings!

Bottom line:
With our unique technology and biz model, it enables you to get speed, quality AND price.

                           This is what our team looks at when approving a cover.

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