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Its official our new site is up and running
  • By : Shoshanna Gabriel

Well, it’s official! Our new site is up and running!

The new look of SelfPubBookCovers is fresh and exciting and was designed to make it even easier for authors to search for a cover fast, and for us to offer you the full extent of our cover services. 

Here are some of the new features we’ve added:
We now have, on our home page, links to new pages that allow authors to request, in addition to our premade cover selection:

  • Book cover modifications
  • Custom covers
  • Backcover/spines for paperback covers

Other new features:

  • File names:
    Under every book cover thumbnail is the file name of the cover– it makes it easier for you to identify the cover you’re interested in if you contact us. Prior to this, cover names were harder to find, on the Customize Me Now page.
  • More powerful search functionality:
    We’ve “tweaked” our search function to be more accurate and to show you more of what you’re looking for in a cover.
  • Book cover image number search:
    We added a new search feature: Search by Image Number. Some authors who didn’t sign up to save the covers they are interested in would write down the image number and the page they found it on. With hundreds of covers added each week, it became impossible for them to find the cover again– even though they had the name of the cover. Not any more!
  • NEW Custom Cover POLICY:
    If you can’t find the perfect premade cover, you can request a custom cover from the artist of your choice (click on Custom Covers page for more info on ordering). To cover the artist’s out of pocket expenses for images that might need to be purchased, we now require a $35 non-refundable start fee which will go toward your final cover price. However, you are not obligated to purchase the cover if you don’t love it when it’s done.
  • Easier to navigate website, to find what you’re looking for, fast!

Bottom line: We are continuing to invest in our site to make your cover-buying experience even better!

Let’s Hear it from the Artists! Why the Best Book Cover Designers Work with SPBC

“I have just seen some covers on (other premade cover websites’) Facebook sales pages that are basically just virtually unaltered stock images with a few sprinkles and some text on. Their prices are ridiculous and the poor author who buys them is just being ripped off by the so-called “artist”!
So, I just wanted to say thank you for making us use more than one piece of stock, and thank you for the vigorous vetting process. Not only is it great for the authors, but it is also great for the artists as it keeps us on our toes!
I am so proud to sell my covers through SelfPubBookCovers and I am really pleased that the buyers can be 100% certain that they are getting really good value for money and a unique piece. In our own way we are doing what we can to stop the unscrupulous behavior. I know that it is a mountain we can never completely conquer, but at least we are doing our bit!”
~Artist, DawnyDawny

Let’s Hear it from the Authors! SPBC Covers Have
Award-Winning Quality

“In case you do any marketing about your covers (and how good they are!), I thought I would share with you that my book is currently in the running for a YA Fiction book award.
Covers are judged as part of the process, so that’s why I thought I would share 🙂
Currently on long list for award, now competing against 32 YA Fiction books to make short list.
I’m sure {the SPBC cover artist} Ravenborn would love to know too.”
~author, Nardia Jacinta

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