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Top 5 Reasons You Need a Paperback Edition of Your Book
  • By : Shoshanna Gabriel

While the bulk of your indie book sales are likely going to be of the ebook edition and not print, there are still quite a few benefits to offering a print-on-demand (POD) paperback edition of your ebook for sale.

Here are the top 5 reasons you need a paperback edition:

1. Gifts. Christmas is coming up fast, and readers like having a physical copy of a book to gift someone. You can also give your own book as a gift to family, even if they’ve already bought and read your ebook, so they can have a physical copy in their home library.

2. Book signings! You can hold your own book signing and offer copies for sale, or team up with a local bookstore or your library to hold a speaking or reading event where you offer copies for sale and autograph them. Tip: don’t just sign your name, write a personalized inscription to your reader to make it special.

3. Giveaways. You can offer a signed paperback edition of your book as a prize in a contest. Getting an autographed book in the mail is much more meaningful (and probably more likely to be read/reviewed) than getting an email with a download link when a reader wins your contest. Check on your own local rules, but many authors use contests as mailing-list-building promotions—have readers enter to win your book, and have them check a box agreeing to be put on your email list to be notified when your next book comes out.

4. Indie bookstore consignment. You can talk to your local indie bookstore about having them stock a few copies of your book on their shelves. Then take a pic of yourself, pointing to your own book on a store shelf (whee!!) and add it to your website and to social media!

5. For your personal shelf. This is the least business-related reason, for sure, but… it’s so cool to hold a physical book with your name on it and just…touch it. It’s your book, your baby. All those words came straight out of your imagination and are now sitting in your hands. And there’s definitely something to be said for having your book displayed on a shelf in your home. Every time your gaze passes by your book, you get a tangible reminder that You. Are. An AUTHOR!! 😃🎉

If you’re interested in getting a paperback cover (which includes the front cover, spine, and back cover together), you can click here for more info on your options.

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