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our new partnership with proliteracy
  • By : Shoshanna Gabriel

SelfPubBookCovers is proud to announce our new partnership with ProLiteracy. Authors and artists alike are invited to join special activities throughout the year to improve literacy in America and around the world. Watch your inbox and social media for two promotions coming up very soon!

SYRACUSE, N.Y., November 18, 2019 – ProLiteracy and SelfPubBookCovers.com, an online marketplace for high quality pre-made book covers, are partnering in the fight against illiteracy. The goal of the partnership is to raise awareness of adult literacy as an important issue in the United States. More than 43 million adults in the US cannot read, write or do basic math above the third grade level, which costs the country $225 billion dollars annually in workforce non-productivity.

“ProLiteracy is grateful for the support of SelfPubBookCovers.com over the next year,” Kevin Morgan, president and CEO of ProLiteracy said. “Funds raised through this partnership will help to provide teaching and learning materials to literacy programs across the country, so instructors and learners alike have the highest quality, up-to-date materials to work from.”

“As a co-founder of SelfPubBookCovers, I’m thrilled we’re partnering with ProLiteracy,” said Shoshanna Gabriel, who is also a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author, writing as Shoshanna Evers. “Basic literacy is not only essential to daily life, but being able to read books can enrich our lives beyond measure,” she added.

Starting in December 2019, ProLiteracy will host a poster design contest, sponsored by SelfPubBookCovers.com. The winning poster will be used for ProLiteracy’s Women’s Empowerment Day of Giving in April 2020, and the winning artist will receive a cash prize. The Day of Giving will promote volunteer recruitment and fundraising for adult literacy across the country in partnership with the over 1000 ProLiteracy member programs around the country. “We encourage all our artists to join us in supporting ProLiteracy by entering the contest,” said Rob Sturtz, Co-Founder and Creative Director of SelfPubBookCovers.

Also in December, SelfPubBookCovers.com will hold a special author promotion, donating a portion of their book cover sales to ProLiteracy throughout the month.

About ProLiteracy
ProLiteracy Worldwide advances and supports programs to help adults acquire literacy skills needed to function more effectively in their daily lives. It has 1,000 member programs across 50 states and works with 30 partners in 25 countries to provide a wide range of adult literacy and basic education services to vulnerable populations. ProLiteracy builds capacity among frontline literacy providers by modeling proven instructional approaches, developing affordable, evidence-based learning resources, and providing professional development and technical assistance. For more than 60 years, ProLiteracy has scaled successful practices and driven advocacy efforts by activating its grassroots network, resulting in a broad and sustained effort to improve and advance adult literacy at the community level.

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