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New Website Design!
  • By : Shoshanna Gabriel

We’re launching our new website design, and you’re the first to know!

Whenever we get suggestions from authors on how to make our site more accessible and intuitive, we take note — and we’re excited to announce our new website redesign at! The functionality will remain the same — you’ll still be able to try out your author-name and title on as many book covers as you’d like, customize covers and save favorites in your Dashboard, purchase and re-download them as needed — just as before. But, we’re hoping that the redesign will make searching for your covers easier and more intuitive.



Some upgrades: 

We always recommend that authors sign in so they can save their book cover favorites on their SPBC Dashboard. We have heard that sometimes an author doesn’t sign in and they write down the image numbers of the covers that they like, only to come back to our site and not be able to find them. We’re adding a “search by image number” functionality to assist with that. We’re also going to make it more simple for authors to request a modification to an existing book cover (for example, adding an important pendant onto the heroine, or changing the hero’s eyes to be neon yellow or something). We’ve streamlined the process for requesting an entirely custom cover, as well as ordering a custom back-cover/spine for your paperback edition or audiobook.

Blog! Free Promotional Opportunity

We’re going to be adding a blog to our site, as well, and this will be a place where select indie authors can guest-post anything about either writing craft or the business of self-publishing (ie marketing, tips for back-matter, easy formatting suggestions) etc. If you’ve done experimental testing with different types of advertisements or covers, perhaps, we’d be interested if you share your results. If you have the key to overcoming writer’s block, inquiring minds want to know!

And of course, each author guest-blog-post would include an author bio, social media links, and buylinks to your latest book, so it will be a new way to both share your hard-won knowledge and promote your book(s). Other indie authors will benefit from not having to recreate the wheel when it comes to what works and what doesn’t work in self-publishing. Win-win!

If you’re an indie author interested in guest-blogging at SelfPubBookCovers in the near future:

  • 1. please email us at
  • 2. cc me on that same email at ShoshannaGabriel @ gmail .com (REMOVE SPACES!)
  • 3. please put “Guest blog for SPBC” in the Subject line.
  • 4. Let us know the topic you’d like to write on and your author bio, and we’ll get back to you.


Check back at often, and let us know what you think of our new look!

All my best,
Shoshanna Gabriel
Co-founder SelfPubBookCovers, formerly writing as NYT & USAT bestseller Shoshanna Evers


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