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It’s SPBC’s 5th birthday and we have a gift for you
  • By : Shoshanna Gabriel

In this issue: 10K+ covers sold – $5 coupon valid through Feb. 28 – Tech Tidbits – Authors Survey Results – Top Selling Artists – Top Search Terms – Look Who’s Talking
Happy February to my fellow Indie Authors! Can you believe it’s been five whole years since first launched? Back in February 2013, we were the new kid on the block… but now, in 2018, you’ve made us the world’s leading marketplace for high-quality, affordably-priced premade book covers!  THANK YOU!!!!

Since we came on the scene, well over 10,000 books now feature original, one-of-a-kind book covers from our artists at SPBC. It’s been so wonderful getting emails from indie authors who tell me how they re-covered a backlist book, and their sales increased, or how they’d gotten the rights back to a bunch of trad-pub books (which is happening more and more, lately, with so many digital publishers going out of business) and were able to put new covers on seven books for the price they would’ve paid for just one fancy custom cover, and that the books looked just as professional!

On our 5th Anniversary, I want to let you know how grateful Rob and I, our team at SPBC, and all of our talented artists are for your support. We’re dedicated to continuing to provide fast, helpful customer service to our authors, and the very best book covers. Because of your patronage, hundreds of independent artists all over the globe now have a new revenue stream, which enables them to keep doing what they do best: creating fantastic book covers for you!

Thanks again, writer-friends! Here’s to another great year, and a sincere thank you for allowing our artists to be your book cover designers! We’ve got you covered. (couldn’t resist that pun, lol)
Happy writing, and wishing you many sales!

Shoshanna Gabriel (formerly known as NYT & USAT bestseller Shoshanna Evers)
Co-founder of

Here’s our birthday gift to you!

Save $5 off every cover you purchase during the month of February. Use Coupon Code: $5off2ThankU

Technical Tidbits
  • If you want to, you can always download your cover blank by deleting the stand-in text, and put whatever typography/font you want on it in another program, if that’s something you’re good at. You’re not required to use our in-site customization tool — it’s just there if needed.
  • We added a bunch more awesome fonts and colors to the “Customize Me Now” page, so if you do want to use our tools, you have even more options now!

If you need your cover resized, let us know and we can help!

  • Our covers have a size that is accepted on all retailers and is perfect for trimming to fit standard paperback sizes. Because of that, there’s a little extra width than many other covers (to accommodate different paperback trim sizes).
  • Some authors like how our covers stand out a bit (for example, when a reader is looking through a row of covers to pick a book, our covers are wider and draw the eye), but if you want your book cover size to be thinner, that’s an easy fix as long as you keep your text away from the edges of the cover (the edges are grayed out in our Customization tools as a guide).
  • You can always email Rob at and ask for a 1:6 height/width ratio. You don’t need to, because Amazon accepts our covers as-is, but some people request this info, so I wanted to put that out there as an option.
Survey Results
We conducted a survey among Update subscribers and here’s what we found out:
We hope you will share our story with members of your writing group along with our 5th Anniversary coupon.
Top 5 Selling Artists in January

#1 RLSather
#2 (tie) Daniela and FrinaArt and Viergacht
#3 Shardel

Top Search Terms in January

These are the keywords most often searched on SPBC:

Look who’s talking…

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