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Indie publishing update january 2018
  • By : Shoshanna Gabriel

1. Call for New Fonts!
2. Article: Why Every Writer Needs a Writing Community (and how to join one!)
3. New authors’ survey
4. Top 5 Artists at SelfPubBookCovers
5. Top search keywords for covers
6. Look Who’s Talking
Call New for Fonts!

To expand customization capabilities on SPBC, we’ve started a search for new fonts to use on your covers.

If you would like a font to be considered for our Customize Me Now page, email the name of the font and the URL to Rob at Please try to only suggest fonts that are in the public domain and good for commercial purposes.

Here are a couple of websites where you can find all sorts of typefaces, from updated takes on classical fonts to outrageous new letterforms:

We will be reviewing all the suggested fonts, and then we will invite our Authors and Artists to vote on Facebook for the ones they like best.

Check out the fonts we’re looking at now, and let us know your favorites!

Why Every Writer Needs a Writing Community
(and how to join one!)

by NYT & USAT bestseller Shoshanna Evers writing as Shoshanna Gabriel

New and aspiring authors often ask me what I suggest to help them move their writing career forward. Of course, the book comes first. Writers must write. You won’t get anywhere unless you have a book. But the *second* thing out of my mouth is always: “Join a local writing group!“ Even if there’s not one nearby, even if you have to drive an hour to get there once a month, it’s worth it.

Having a community of authors you can meet with and talk to is invaluable, because for us writers, our “normal“ friends aren’t really interested in hearing about a three act structure, or whether or not your hero should have the same first initial as the villain. We need other writers for that.

Don’t make the mistake of assuming all writing groups are just writing *critique* groups, where people pass around pages and offer suggestions. Yes, some groups do that occasionally, and yes, there are groups that exist entirely for that, but that’s not something I ever partake in myself (I prefer one-on-one with beta readers and editors to round-table discussions when it comes to revisions). Writing communities are for *so much more* than that!

If you write romance, I highly recommend Romance Writers of America. They have local chapters all over in America and online chapters as well. For example, I am a member of RWA as well as my local chapter, and since I have moved all around the country over the years, I have been a member of several local chapters. It’s a way of really getting to know people who write in your genre. There’s also SFWA, for science fiction writers. There are more, of course. I’m also a member of ACFW, American Christian Fiction Writers. Just do a search! There’s also NINC, for indie authors who have sold a certain threshold of books, and they cover more advanced aspects. (I’m a member, although I haven’t been particularly active.) I hear they have an *amazing* online forum and annual conference.

If you cannot find a local writing group, or *in addition* to a local writing group, there are some wonderful online forums and Facebook groups for authors. Many local groups and forums that exist outside of Facebook also have a FB group or page you can join. You can search your specific genre and sub genre; you can search for where you live in the country or world. You can search for what your interests in learning are about… whether it’s writing craft, marketing, publishing tips, etc. No matter what you want to learn more about, you are bound to find a group online that is the perfect match.

One tip, after you join a group, especially if it’s online: just “lurk” for a while to get a feel for the community expectations and vibe. Search through the various questions that have already been asked, and the answers. Find out if there are a set of rules you must follow. Don’t go in and just pimp your book! If you have a question about writing or publishing, search the group archives before asking it, because you may find that it’s been asked and answered numerous other times. When you’re ready, post a short introduction and let the group know you’re excited to learn from them and to share your own experiences along the way.

You don’t need to reinvent the wheel. You don’t need to make the same mistakes that a more experienced author has already made, if that author is willing to share their trials and what they’ve learned from them. The best thing about authors is that most of us *want* to pay it forward. People guided us along the way throughout our careers, and we genuinely want the chance to do that for others.

Whether you join a writing group online or in real life (or both!), you’re bound to make connections and friendships you’d never be able to make otherwise. And being with other people, who are as excited about writing and indie publishing as you are, is sooo great! If you’re not a member of a writing community already, take the next step and join one. You won’t regret it.

Be on the Lookout

SPBC is conducting another in a series of surveys among authors to help us better serve you. This latest survey seeks to find out the prevalence of membership in writers groups among indie authors. If you haven’t received it yet, watch for it in your email inbox. We hope you will participate and share information with us.

These are our most popular artists for December 2017
for the entire calendar year.

Among the hundreds of wonderful artists who display images exclusively for SPBC customers, these five are consistently top-sellers.

#1 – RLSather

#2 – FrinaArt

#3 – Viergacht

#4 – Ravenborn

#5 – Shardel

Searching for Ideas?
What our website visitors have been looking for most often.


Top searches for December 2017
African American
HeartTop Searches in 2017 
Here are some of the most-used keywords and phrases among more than 15,000 searches (in alphabetical order):1800’s, Amish, Angels, Apple, Ballerina, Baseball, Blindfold, Buffalo, Cauldron, Celtic, Child, Christian, Clock, Comedy, Cross-Hairs, Crown, DNA, Dagger, Dinosaur, Dragonfly, Drowning, Ducks, Fingerprint, Fox, Gargoyle, Ghosts, Golfing, Gothic, Guns, Highlander, Historical Fiction, Hurricane, Ireland, Irish, Leopard, Locket, Lonely, Maid, Maze, Medieval, Medusa, Merman, Miami, Motorcycle, Musket, Nazi, Nun, Pendant, Phoenix, Pioneers, Plantation, Pregnant, Prince, Puzzle, Rockstar, Scarecrow, Scotland, Scottish, Sexy Man, Shack, Shifter, Silo, Sisters, Slavery, Smile, Store Mannequins, Soldier, Story Teller, Surfer, Tarot, Teacher, Threesome, Throne, Train, Twins, Victorian, Viking, Whale
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