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Important info for new and veteran SPBC artists
  • By : Shoshanna Gabriel

This month’s newsletter has great info for authors who are our “regulars,” as well as important insights for our new clients.
Did you know?
We have an FAQ that covers important topics such as:
Q. I found a cover on your site that is ALMOST perfect, can I have that cover changed?
Q. What is your policy using stock images?
Q. I found a great cover for a book I’m thinking about writing, can I buy the cover now and customize it later?
Q: Why are these covers wider than usual?
Q. How do I change my cover file for my book?
Q. How should an Author credit the Artist in the front pages of the book?
Q. What is your approval process for book covers to be shown on your site?
Q. What is the Author License Agreement?
Please review the info in the FAQ for the answers to these important questions and more!
CreateSpace for paperbacks is closing!
(We’ve got you covered.)
Yes, Amazon very shortly will only be accepting back cover/spine designs that are designed for KDP. The difference between the files is that for Createspace, your back-cover/spine design was placed at the bottom of a 19”x13” file. For KDP, you will receive a file the same size as the template. We will take care of that for you for future paperback projects, and any books you currently have on Createspace can be easily merged to KDP without requiring a new cover file.
SPBC is a Valued Supplier on IngramSpark (& they’re giving you a discount!)
Now that our new website refresh is complete, IngramSpark is reviewing the special landing page that we designed just for for IngramSpark. When authors visit IngramSpark, you will see how you can get a cover and a full wrap for their books by visiting our site. When a cover is purchased, all authors receive a special discount from IngramSpark: they will waive their title set up fees—a $49 savings for SPBC authors!
We offer services such as: modification of covers, custom covers, audio covers and custom back-cover/spine for paperback covers!
With our new website graphics completed, you can now see the full range of the services we offer. In the past, there were questions about if we offer those services and what the process was to get those things done. Now our authors are in the know, and we’re thrilled by the incredible response.
New Policy on Custom Cover Projects at SelfPubBookCovers:
When you request a custom cover project from one of our artists, we make sure that the creative brief you create for the artist is clear and concise. Rob, our Creative Director, reads all the requests and many times can make suggestions on how your vision can be achieved.
NOTE: We now require a non-refundable start fee of $35 on all custom cover requests, which goes toward the final cover price. 
This way, if you no longer need or want the custom cover after the artist has already put in the work to create it specifically for your book, the artist will still be partially compensated for their time and for any images that needed to be purchased. If, after reviewing your custom cover and making two rounds of changes, you no longer wish to complete the purchase of the custom cover, you are not obligated to. We think this is fair for everyone involved and hope you agree!
THE platform for pre-made book covers since 2013
When you purchase a cover from SPBC, you know you have the experience and quality of the world’s Market Leader in pre-made book covers behind you.
Thanks to our incredible artists, top-notch customer service, and you the author, SelfPubBookCovers is now a “brand name” with an incredible reputation. On our site, we have almost 800 rave reviews from authors (THANK YOU)! On Facebook, 99% of people gave us a 5 star rating. (We’re hoping some of our new upgrades and improvements will help turn that into 100% in the future–we want to make you happy!
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