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december 2019 authors
  • By : Shoshanna Gabriel


For seven years we have been providing indie Authors and publishers with high-quality designs and our top-notch customer service. When we started, we hoped to provide a new income stream for artists, and an affordable, high-quality selection of instant, original covers for indie authors.

Not only have you helped us achieve this goal, but the covers you’ve chosen for your books have helped indie authors sell more books, and even be nominated for numerous cover awards over the years. Your book is special, and your book’s cover should showcase that to readers, and make them click “buy”!

Here’s to another great year!

It is important for us to support important writing/reading related causes. One of the causes we support strongly is adult literacy, because 17% of adult Americans cannot read. As authors, we know how much reading has shaped our lives and opened new worlds to us, and we want everyone to have the same opportunities, and to be able to read to their own children as well.
We are working with ProLiteracy to raise awareness and support adult literacy programs in America and around the world. We have concluded our first two projects with them and are in the planning stage for the next two. Stay tuned for more info.

You’ll see us more often, because we’ve upped SPBC advertising and marketing to include Author-oriented web sites and more frequent social media posts that engage our audience. Perhaps you’ve seen one of your book covers and testimonial in our posts, have been inspired by one of our “famous author” quotes, or joined in one of our just-for-fun features.


Congratulations to FrinaArt who won the $500.00 prize in the ProLiteracy Women’s Empowerment Through Literacy poster contest with this beautiful design that will be displayed in libraries and civic buildings all across America.
And a big thank you to all our artists who made a contribution to ProLiteracy with their entries and for the fantastic designs; thank you for supporting adult literacy!

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