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We’re in this together, all around the world
  • By : Shoshanna Gabriel

Hey indie authors..
…do you have some favorite writing, publishing, book promo tips (or “don’t make my mistake” story!) to share with your fellow authors at SelfPubBookCovers?

We’ll pick some of your best writing or publishing-related tips, suggestions, or warnings to share in our monthly newsletters, along with your book cover, short blurb, and buylink. Let’s learn from each other (and maybe find a new favorite author to read from among our talented colleagues!)

Email Shoshanna at SelfPubBookCovers with “SPBC Author tip” in the subject line with your submission, plus your Amazon ebook buylink/url & 1 line book summary/blurb.

Let us know which SPBC Artist created your cover, so we can give them a shoutout, too!


SYRACUSE, N.Y., April 10, 2020 – ProLiteracy and SelfPubBookCovers.com, an online marketplace for high quality pre-made book covers, are partnering in the fight against illiteracy. The goal of the partnership is to increase awareness of adult literacy as an important issue in the United States and to raise money for the cause.

SelfPubBookCovers (SPBC) is proud to join ProLiteracy in their effort to improve literacy across America and around the world. With this coupon promotion for the month of April, authors who are self-publishing books can choose from over 40,000 professionally designed and curated one-of-a-kind book covers. Book writers of multiple genres can take advantage of this special offer. A win-win for authors, they will get a great cover design while simultaneously supporting adult literacy.

“We have chosen to support ProLiteracy at this time because many literacy programs have had to temporarily shut down due to COVID-19,” says Rob Sturtz from SPBC. “We are trying to find a way to lend our support to adult learners who may have had to delay or stop their learning.”

The last time SelfPubBookCovers and ProLiteracy teamed up in December 2019, more than $1,000 was raised. The money helped literacy programs receive free books and digital teaching solutions for their students.

“ProLiteracy is grateful for the support of SelfPubBookCovers.com,” Kevin Morgan, president and CEO of ProLiteracy said. “Funds raised through this partnership will help to provide teaching and learning materials to literacy programs across the country, so instructors and learners alike have the highest quality materials to work from.”


Don’t forget!
Use your genre’s coupon code in April to get $5 off your cover plus an additional $5 donated to ProLiteracy!
Get more info and your coupon code here:


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