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My name is Augusta Scarlett, and I create affordable book covers for independent authors and publishers. I have been drawing, painting, and designing for three decades and love to work with authors to realize your worlds. 


I create unique artwork for each cover with a combination of stock photos and images, 3D renders, over-painting and other effects. If you purchase one of my covers and would like covers for sequels to the book that look similar or if you'd like me to design a custom cover for you, you can request custom covers through this link.

It may also be possible to modify one of my existing covers if you like one that doesn't quite fit your vision. You can request modifications before purchasing a cover through this link.

I am happy to create a back cover and a spine for any of my covers. Order those by clicking on the link under your purchased cover in your Dashboard.

If you publish an audio-book version of your book, I can adjust any of my covers to work as an audio book. Learn more through this link.