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Dear authors,

I have been an author myself for over 20 years - first for big publishing houses in Germany, later as an convinced selfpublisher. At this time I started creating bookcovers and determined, that this would be a great new vocation to me. So - here I am!
I have designed many covers for German authors and publishing houses, now that I found this amazing web site I thought... "maybe my book covers will find international authors too ..."
Furthermore in September 2019 my artwork made the second place of the Carlsen Impress Cover Design Contest in Germany.

The authors I'm working with would say, that I'm customer friendly. If you want modifications on an premade cover, just let me know by contacting Rob at Please let him know what the book cover file name is and what modification you are looking for and we will get back to you.
If you need a backcover, I will do it for you, too. After you buy my cover, there will be a link on your Dashboard to get a custom back cover/spine. Just fill out the form and I will do all the rest!

I post new one-of-a-kind book covers regularly, so come back often to find a great cover for your new book in my Gallery of Art!