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Selfpub 6th year

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About me!

Hello! This is Rizza and welcome to my Gallery of Art!

Here you'll see both illustrated and non-illustrated book covers which have their own unique story to tell. When I make book covers, I make sure that they will visually hook the readers interest, that the elements comprising that particular cover has a purpose of being there and not just put for no reason. So basically, when I have several ideas, I try attaching them to each other like puzzle pieces, until I make a completely conceptual cover.

I have this burning passion for art and I love reading books especially those which have mysterious, romantic and dystopian theme. I am also an aspiring author who dreams of having publish a book that will be remembered, just like you do. I believe these qualities make book cover designing easier, fun, and meaningful for me. I design covers in different genres but my favorites are mystery, fantasy, and scifi.

So here's my gallery of book covers... Check if you'll find one that speaks the same with your story, or one that you somehow understand and inspires you to write about it, or one that is not yet created and are currently just random ideas in your head—waiting to live. 

Again, this is Rizza/RDesigns, happy to be your book cover designer. Thank you!