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Hi Authors!
My artist name is Frina. I'm a digital artist and I specialized in book cover design. 
I express myself by visualizing my thoughts, feelings and things that excite me. It's wonderful when my designs excite other people too. As a designer, my aim is to create an expressive book cover to attract your reader's attention at first sight. The book has just a few seconds to make its critical first impression on potential buyers. So, you need an eye-catching cover design to help you sell your book- which is my goal. 

Over 1000 of my COVERS already grace BOOKS from all over the world... 
Once a cover is sold it is never sold again.

To make it easier for you to find a great cover, I've opened one more Gallery of Art:
 where I upload covers featuring African-Americans models and themes.

If none of the covers fit, but you like my style, you can alert Rob via email ( will then help you with your creative brief, and I can make a custom cover for you.
If you like to have a professionally designed back cover and spine created for print on demand, no problem!
Please click "Request a Back Cover and Spine" found on your Dashboard right under the thumbnail of your purchased cover.
Thank you for visiting my Gallery of Art and best wishes on finding a great cover right here!