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Welcome! And thank you for visiting. 

I've designed and illustrated dozens of book covers in many genres, including romance, motherly love, beautiful women and men, mystery, steam punk, paranormal, "chick lit", varied ethnicities, travel, cooking, science, holidays, nature and more. If you have a need or a suggestion for a specific genre or subject I haven't yet offered please contact SelfPubBookCovers and let us know your interests. Please mention me unides_rem when you do.

If you need a modification for one of my covers just mention me when you make the request:

How to make a modification of my unides_rem book cover.

I also do back cover/spines.
If you are interested, just go back to your Dashboard, and under my cover that you purchased is a link for me to design a back cover/spine to go with your book cover.

And if you are interested in a custom cover, please contact SelfPubBookCovers and mention my name unides_rem with your custom request.

In case you are wondering about my bio image above - that's just outside my favorite Mexican restaurant in Nice France. We lived there for 2 years and now we live in Rennes France, a college town with lovely parks and lots of greenery and many wonderful activities year round. 

My husband also does book covers at SelfPubBookCovers and they are amazing. You can see them here:  Unique_Digital